10 Reasons Why Employee Engagement is THE Issue for 2013

10 Reasons Why Employee Engagement is THE Issue for 2013
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Now more than ever, getting the most from your people is critical. In a constantly shifting environment your organization is faced with how to keep up with the rate of change, retain good people, be more productive and to be innovative all at the same time.  Your organization must constantly spring forth fresh new ideas to keep a competitive advantage. But how do you do this? You do it through the wellbeing of your people.

Extensive research has shown that people who are happy and fully engaged in all aspects of their lives play pivotal roles in the success of any organization.  Wellbeing encompasses a person’s whole life and having high levels of it helps them to function better everywhere…including your business.

Wellbeing propels employee engagement and it is precisely this discretionary emotional commitment that you’ll want to tap into.  An engaged employee more deeply connects to and supports your business and its goals.

Here are more reasons why employee engagement should be your top business concern for 2013. Studies show that engaged employees deliver the goods:

  1. Superior customer service and experience;
  2. Increased customer loyalty;
  3. Better sales results;
  4. Increased innovation and product quality;
  5. Improved safety;
  6. Increased retention;
  7. Decreased absenteeism;
  8. Increased revenue, profit & shareholder returns;
  9. You’ll be helping your employees and their families;
  10. You’ll sleep better at night.

With competition for talent ever on the increase, making sure you have a fired-up and engaged team is your biggest business opportunity.

What kinds of action can you or other leaders take to boost employee wellbeing to get better business results?

How else have you seen employee engagement improve?