Sink or Swim: Helping the Newly Hired and Promoted Stay Afloat

All too often I see new hires and those recently promoted thrown to the wolves, so to speak.  Beyond a perfunctory introduction to their new office or responsibilities, frequently, little else is provided.  As a result, many are left dazed and confused, don’t feel welcome, and may even start looking for a new job.  While the reasons underlying this sad scenario can be many, I see it happening all too often because of a lack of time.

Uploaded To10 Reasons Why Happiness at Work is The Best Productivity Booster

10 Reasons Why Happiness at Work is The Best Productivity Booster

While it may still seem like fluff to some, increasing mounds of research attest to the power of happiness in the workplace. More and more, companies are catching on and realizing the many benefits both to them and their employees. Clearly, we are seeing that what is good for the individual is also good for the company.

The Real Mobilizers of Customer Loyalty

Recently I received an invitation to a conference on loyalty programs. Of course, I was interested. This is something all my clients want. Points, miles, gifts are all great ways to reward and incentivize customers. But nowhere in the content was there anything about the two most powerful and allied sources of customer loyalty: great…

2018: The Year to Get Serious About Soft

Across the planet our jobs are continuing to push people to and past the limit.  Rising levels of stress and long hours at work continue to exact a needlessly harsh toll.  Despite billions lost to absenteeism, rising turnover, disability, insurance costs, workplace accidents, violence, workers compensations, lawsuits and the costs related to replacing workers for…