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Dis – Loyalty and Your Talent Pool

You’ve worked hard for your employer. You’ve been passionate about your job and have made many contributions. You’ve been recognized as a star player and are well thought of by everyone, team mates, bosses and customers alike. Yet, you’ve just been kicked to the curb by the new incoming boss. If you think this scenario…

How Web Surfing Can Increase Productivity. Really.

From the file of WTH comes an interesting tidbit of research regarding surfing the web while on the job. Like many productivity minded bosses, you might think that such practices should be banned, similar to those ‘spandex’ days at work. In fact, while seeing your staff surfing the web might not make you happy, it…

6 Things You Need to Know About Behavior Change

Underlying most personal or leadership development efforts is the need to change some aspect of the way you do things. Whether it be learning to engage your team more effectively or improving how you handle difficult situations, some form of doing things differently on your part is par for the course. If you’re like many who venture down this road of self-awareness and growth, you may well underestimate just how difficult behavior change can be…and that can set you up for failure.

Building the Optimism Muscle: 9 Tips

When I’m working with leaders to identify their most important development needs, issues like “lack of confidence” or “low self-esteem” are surprisingly common.  Typically these come to the fore when new challenges or transitions are faced.  By putting a stop to negative thinking and learning to view things from a positive perspective, many of these men and women have experienced profound impacts on both their health and work life.