A Focused Mind is a Happy & Productive Mind

Are you easily distracted? If you are like many (and myself) keeping a tight focus on the task at hand can be a challenge. Oh look, a bright shiny object… In his research on mind-wandering, Matthew Killingsworth shows how losing focus on the job reduces both happiness and productivity.  In fact, it appears that about…

Thriving: Creating Sustainable Performance in Your Workforce

No matter what the state of the economy, research shows that the best way to sustain a consistently high performing workforce is to have a happy workforce. In their work on creating sustainable performance, Gretchen Spreitzer and Christine demonstrate the foundation of long term business success. Their message is simple: If you give your employees…

Standing Out in Tough Times: Treating Employees like Customers

I just came from a restaurant where I was powerfully reminded of the importance of an often elusive piece of business success – great customer service.  For me, it’s like the elephant in the middle of the room.  So many companies flout their extraordinary customer service yet deliver the opposite.  I’m particularly puzzled about this,…

Personal Sustainability: More Than Common Sense

In spite of traditional corporate values or practice, I’ve always held that all aspects of your life are interconnected, for better or worse.  If my clients were thriving outside of work that served to propel their performance at work, and vice versa.  Overtime, this common sense philosophy has garnered much attention in the scientific community and is increasingly gaining street cred in the corridors of business.

Building the Optimism Muscle: 9 Tips

When I’m working with leaders to identify their most important development needs, issues like “lack of confidence” or “low self-esteem” are surprisingly common.  Typically these come to the fore when new challenges or transitions are faced.  By putting a stop to negative thinking and learning to view things from a positive perspective, many of these men and women have experienced profound impacts on both their health and work life.