Sink or Swim: Helping the Newly Hired and Promoted Stay Afloat

All too often I see new hires and those recently promoted thrown to the wolves, so to speak.  Beyond a perfunctory introduction to their new office or responsibilities, frequently, little else is provided.  As a result, many are left dazed and confused, don’t feel welcome, and may even start looking for a new job.  While the reasons underlying this sad scenario can be many, I see it happening all too often because of a lack of time.

Who is your Successor? Planning Leadership Development

So, a bus hits you…seriously, have you planned for succession, even if only long enough to mend in the hospital?  Leadership development is an essential part of your organizations’s health plan. Chances are that even if you do have a succession ‘plan’ it’ll be resting on on a shelf somewhere, collecting dust.  So let’s talk…