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Propel Team aligns your people’s personal and professional lives to enable them to maximize productivity and engagement in the workplace. It provides managers and individuals with a foundation for an improved corporate culture and facilitates the development of your organization as a whole.

Personal responsibilities and workplace deadlines can leave you with little time for yourself and feeling completely drained. Propel Self provides you with insights and strategies for busting through the daily grind and sets you on a firm course for a healthy, exciting and fulfilling lifestyle. 

Since the dawn of civilization, humans have felt compelled to find purpose and meaning in their lives. Some succeed. Many fail. But it’s rarely for lack of trying.

At Brockway, we present a multidisciplinary approach that moves beyond platitudes and promises and steers people and organizations on a compelling journey to a better future.

Through our signature Propel programs and related practices, we enable people to identify and follow through on critical decisions that will improve all aspects of their lives – at work, at home, at play.

With a blend of productive tools, hands-on training and a supportive environment, our approach is disciplined, accountable and measurable. It’s left- and right-brained. It’s challenging and rewarding. And it works!

You only have one life to live. So live like you mean it.

Brockway: because there is no limit to how fulfilling your life can be.

Live like you mean it!

Word on the Street

I feel so fortunate that my company decided to bring Doug into our office for a Propel workshop. The sessions were full of energy and well thought-out, covering a variety of topics from determining career priorities to stress management techniques and sleep hygiene. Propel provided me with ways to make incremental adjustments in my day that would lead to significant positive changes in my work and personal life. The immediate effects were contagious – our team proactively began to prioritize wellbeing. I would highly recommend this workshop to any organization or individual that is looking for an edge. Thank you Doug and Philip for your guidance!

Michelle Kim Gorczyca – Events Manager – UC Irvine

The Propel program really helped me to distill my core values and what changes I need most in my life. I walked away with concrete action plans for 4 core issues and the confidence that these goals were achievable. The depth of self-realization and self-actualization I achieved from this program was immense. I found it to be a very worthwhile use of my time! I highly recommend Doug and the program to everyone!

Jeff Minhas – Executive Director of Alumni Relations – UC Irvine

We recently had the pleasure of hosting the Propel Team program here at Saatchi & Saatchi in the Los Angeles market. This program is insightful, thought provoking, and a great way to help you and your teams get refocused on the important things in your life.

If you are looking for a way to get centered, create a better integration of work and life as well as align your values with your goals this is the program for you. This targeted program will help you create the alignment and focus that you need to be your most productive self (in and out of work)!

Kirk Guthrie – Executive Director of Talent – Saatchi & Saatchi LA

I was fortunate to attend a Propel workshop lead by Doug in NYC. He provided the guidance, structure and tools to help connect my personal core values, my skills and my strengths into actionable goals. I think we often overlook the importance of personal satisfaction and happiness and focus on salary and promotions. Doug’s workshop helped me align my personal and professional goals while stressing the importance of meditating and expressing gratitude to be healthy and happy.

Andrew Testimonial Pic
Andrew Rose – Growth Director Azoti

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a Propel workshop in NYC. It was a full day of exercises and discussion carefully designed to help align our personal and professional roadmaps with our core values and well-being. The program is intensive and requires preparation and commitment. Doug is thoughtful and charismatic, a generous and discerning listener with great talent for putting things in perspective. I walked away from the workshop with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

luis testimonial pic
Luis Peña – Media Research

The tools and resources presented at the workshop were thoughtfully curated and organized to keep my attention and to stay on track with the mission of the day.
Since the workshop I have been implementing steps to reach the goals I set in the workshop and I’m feeling confident about successful accomplishment of my goals.

wendy testimonial pic
Wendy Day-Brown – UCI Alumni Engagement & Philanthropy

The Propel program is the first program that I’ve seen where the focus is on the employee, the whole employee – focusing on both their professional needs and their personal needs. I appreciate this different holistic approach and believe it is something we will be seeing more of as organizations recognize this type of development program as a way to not only engage and retain employees, but to drive performance.

julie testimonial pic
Julie Johnson Lance – UCI Chief of Staff

I was looking for an energetic and professional way to jumpstart my young team. Doug’s Propel workshop was the ideal fit, combining professional and personal development in an interactive 1-day experience. The workshop was run very professionally and my team finished it more focused on their priorities than ever before.

henry testimonial Pic
Henry Gordon-Smith – Agritecture Consulting

“Being an entrepreneur takes guts and it’s hard. It can be stressful and we all need help on this journey. A person who can offer the available tools to understand what makes you tick, and what drives you to work each day and to a peaceful home each night.  Thanks to Doug, the extreme highs and lows on my roller coaster are much flatter today. From simple encouragement, to in-depth self analysis, to the numerous tools I can now pull from my toolbox, Doug’s work keeps me positively pushing forward and my company growing.”

Jarrod Levitan – CEO – Trinimbus

“I first hired Doug to coach a senior manager at the Co-operative Auto Network. I also looked to him to help me build on his work with this staff member and increase my own awareness of work-life balance. Doug was excellent. He was personable, kind and supportive of the change I hoped to make. I’d recommend him to anyone looking for career coaching.”

Tracey Axelsson – Executive Director at Vancouver Community Network

“I can’t thank Doug enough for his help and support. Everyone needs their own cheerleader and Doug was just that. He helped me see the things I was missing and guide me towards the goals I want to achieve. I sincerely and whole-heartedly recommend Doug!”

Mary Levitan – Vice President Artist Management at Macklam Feldman Management

“Doug has been an amazing career coach. He helped me to see my previous accomplishments and future possibilities from a new and fresh perspective. His creative responses and generous support have helped me to move forward with energy and enthusiasm in my life and career. I can’t recommend him highly enough!”

Yvonne Tabin PhD. – Dean of Continuing Studies – Simon Fraser University