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Indecisive Leaders are Harsh

Have you ever been frustrated waiting for a decision from your boss?  Once in a while, it’s OK right?  Everyone gets annoyingly behind now and then.  It’s pretty much impossible to stay on top of everything all the time.  We all know that.  But when your boss’s indecisiveness is a pattern, it’s a completely different…

A Focused Mind is a Happy & Productive Mind

Are you easily distracted? If you are like many (and myself) keeping a tight focus on the task at hand can be a challenge. Oh look, a bright shiny object… In his research on mind-wandering, Matthew Killingsworth shows how losing focus on the job reduces both happiness and productivity.  In fact, it appears that about…

Staff Appreciation on a Shoestring

Showing meaningful appreciation to your staff does not have to cost money. I would argue that the most important elements of creating a positive culture have less to do with the benefit plan and more with the ‘softer’ sides of the equation. Certainly fair pay, vacation and health benefits are important, and necessary. However, often…

Building the Optimism Muscle: 9 Tips

When I’m working with leaders to identify their most important development needs, issues like “lack of confidence” or “low self-esteem” are surprisingly common.  Typically these come to the fore when new challenges or transitions are faced.  By putting a stop to negative thinking and learning to view things from a positive perspective, many of these men and women have experienced profound impacts on both their health and work life.

Two Good Friends: Risk & Failure

I find it fitting that I am writing this from a tiny cafe deep in the labyrinth of Hong Kong’s SoHo District. I arrived a few days ago as part of my recent push to expand my business into China.  Ironically, it just dawned on me that I am doing exactly that which I am writing about – taking a risk and consciously tempting failure.  It also struck me how these two former enemies of mine have become such good companions over the years.  Like many leaders and entrepreneurs, I have learned that risk and failure are the progenitors of success.

Telecommuting: 7 Slightly Irregular Benefits

Tired of shuffling along bumper to bumper or sitting on transit for 2 hours a day? Frustrated with not getting enough uninterrupted time at the office to even string two thoughts together? Feeling the heat as deadlines approach? Needing a reprieve from the daily grind of office politics? Then telecommuting could be for you!

Utilizing Visualization

Just because you’re stuck on an airplane doesn’t mean you can’t practice your tennis swing or that guitar virtuoso.  Or prep for that upcoming presentation to your board of directors.

Athletes have long used mental imagery to complement physical practice, and recent research backs up that going through the motions in your head can give a substantial boost to your performance at work too.